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Questions about Quran, Role of Women, Arranged Marriages, Jews, To Be Ahmadi, Jinn, Memory

Faith Matters #35

Tags: Faith Matters   Holy Quran   Women   Marriage   Jews   Jinn   Memory   

Q1 @ 01:30 How can we prove that Holy Quran is the perfect book and it has not been changed?

Q2 @ 07:22 What role does a Muslim woman have in contemporary society?

Q3 @ 12:30 What value does the system of arranged marriages have in modern society?

Q4 @ 18:45 What is the teachings of Islam and Holy Prophet regarding relationship with Jews?

Q5 @ 26:15 If I accept the truthfulness of the Promised Messiah(as) do I need do something else to call myself an Ahmadi Muslim?

Q6 @ 32:55 How can we respond to portrayal of Promised Messiah(as) as anti-Christ?

Q7 @ 36:15 What is Jinn?

Q8 @ 42:40 Question about paranormal activity or a miraculous sign during Tabligh.

Q9 @ 47:20 What advice could you do to elderly people trying to memorize the Holy Quran?