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Questions about Combining Prayers, Guidance, Khula', Dreams, Soul and Mind, Judgment Day, Prophets

Faith Matters #36

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Q1 @ 02:00 Could you enlighten on the topic of combining prayers during religious events and Hadith/prophecy of Holy Prophet(saw) that this will happen in the times of The Promised Messiah(as)?

Q2 @ 08:35 What does guidance mean in the Holy Quran with respect to Kufr and acceptance of Islam?

Q3 @ 17:30 According to scholars if a woman initiates divorce (Khula') she has no right to any type of alimony and she is obligated to return her dowry? What is Ahmadiyya view on this?

Q4 @ 26:00 How can we know that the dream is true and from Allah and not Satan?

Q5 @ 36:05 How are the terminologies soul, mind, consciousness, spirit, holy spirit, ghost and the holy ghost are interrelated?

Q6 @ 40:50 Commentary of verse of Holy Quran [21:86] "And remember Ishmael, and Idris, and Dha'l-Kifl. All were of the steadfast."

Q7 @ 44:50 During travel if compulsory bath is required for prayers but there is no convenient way to do bath, can tayyamum be done in place?

Q8 @ 50:05 Is the Judgement day same for all the human beings who have lived before us thousands of years ago? And would you meet your loved ones in the hereafter?

Q9 @ 55:30 Who led the Janaza (funeral) prayer of the Holy Prophet (saw)?

Q10 @ 56:35 Why it seems that there is concentration of prophets in the Middle East?