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Eye Witness Account of Jesus(as) in Bible, Can Jesus be God? Survival from Cross & travel to Kashmir

Faith Matters #57

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Q1 @ 01:00 Jesus (as) himself announced about his death and resurrection, and there are detailed accounts of that told by eye witnesses and recorded in Bible. Islam cannot claim Quran has eye witness accounts of this. Why then you ignore this and do not believe what the eye witness accounts tell?

Q2 @ 17:15 Basic Christian theology teaches that Jesus(as) was both God and Man. He had two natures. He was both divine and human at the same time. This teaching is known as Hypostatic union i.e. coming together of two natures in one person. Therefore since he was a man, and not only man, but since he was made under the law lower than the angels it is natural to conclude that he would have been someone he would call God, in this case God the Father. Why do you disregard these facts?

Book Review @ 37:55 Four Questions by Mr. Sirajuddin, A Christian, Answered

Q3 @ 41:20 Could you give some historical evidence of survival of Jesus(as) from cross and his travel to Kashmir?