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Questions about Gelatine, Mosque, Sects, Halal Food, Holy Prophet, Natural Disasters

Faith Matters, 12th January 2010.

Tags: Faith Matters   Gelatine   Mosque   Sects in Islam   Halal Food   Holy Prophet Muhammad   Natural Disasters   

Q1 @ 01:25 There are some candies (sweets) or chewing gum that contains fat (glycerine, gelatine) of pigs. Can such candies be eaten? What is the punishment if someone has eaten it without the knowledge?

Q2 @ 07:30 Can plastic sheets be spread in prayer areas so that non-Muslims can come into the mosque with shoes?

Q3 @ 14:00 Isn't splitting Islam into sects condemned by the Holy Prophet(saw)?

Q4 @ 23:15 Question is about Halal Food, what is the guidance for buying chicken and meat? And if we are invited by non-Muslims what is the guidance?

Q5 @ 29:05 To what extent Holy Prophet Muhammad(saw) be seen as social revolutionist? Can you quote some examples?

Q6 @ 38:45 Can you answer the question in a simple way about natural disaster and why innocent people and children suffer? What is your view about destiny and can it be changed?

Q7 @ 48:25 Is it justified to experiment on animals for the benefit of human beings? Having found that patient cannot live longer is it allowed to prolong the life via help of machines?

Q8 @ 55:25 In Islam is organ donation allowed?