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Questions about Christianity, Jesus Christ, Faith Matters

13 Oct 2009

Tags: Faith Matters   Jesus   Confession   Cross   Grace   Destiny   

Q1 @ 01:15 What is your belief on the second coming of Jesus Christ (Jesus son of Mary) and what proofs do you offer to validate your assertion?

Q2 @ 10:45 One task of The Promised Messiah(as) was to break the Cross? Can you explain how was this fulfilled?

Q3 @ 16:40 Does Islam support the concept of Confession as practiced by the Roman Catholics?

Q4 @ 23:00 How is it possible to attain closeness to God without believing in the crucifixion and atonement of Jesus Christ?

Q5 @ 30:50 Is the concept of Grace of God similar between Christianity and Islam?

Q6 @ 36:35 Can non-Muslims go to Heaven?

Q7 @ 44:30 What is the religious concept of free will? How can it be reconciled with genetic and environmental factors? Is everyone's path is pre-destined?

Q8 @ 50:55 Why Muslim men are prohibited from wearing gold and silk?

Q9 @ 54:25 Is there any truth to astrology, numerology and palmistry?