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Questions about Islam, Christianity, Eating Pork, Jesus in Kashmir, Drinking Alcohol

Faith Matters 20 Oct 2009

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Q1 @ 00:50 So many things in Islam depend on the timing of sunrise and sunset e.g. Fasting, so in places where days are long (e.g. spread over months) this teaching of Islam is not applicable in certain parts of the world, and the claim of Universal Religion falls apart? Could you shed some light on the subject?

Q2 @ 05:50 How should Muslims respond to those Christians who say that they are ensured a place in heaven since they have accepted Jesus as their saviour?

Q3 @ 08:45 I keep dogs as pet, do Muslims dislike dogs? Are they allowed in the house? There is hadith that says angels will not descend on the house where dogs are kept?

Q4 @ 18:35 Why is eating pork forbidden in Islam? Could you elaborate on this question a bit further?

Q5 @ 22:40 What is the Ahmadiyya Muslim belief on the Jesus Christ's resurrection and salvation?

Q6 @ 29:40 Why is Ahmadiyya Muslim belief that Jesus Christ spent most of his life in Kashmir vicinity? What evidence can you present?

Q7 @ 36:55 If Islam is indeed the religion that will unite all mankind why do majority of the world does not recognize it?

Q8 @ 47:10 If one is not able to find an Ahmadi imam in the area is it permissible to join non-Ahmadi congregation?

Q9 @ 53:20 Why the consumption of alcohol prohibited in Islam?