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Allegations about Ahmadiyya, Planted by British? Agents of Israel? New sect or Jama'at

Faith Matters 8 Nov 2009.

Tags: Faith Matters   Allegations   Sects in Islam   Israel   Planted by British   

Q1 @ 03:10 Was Ahmadiyya planted by the British? Was Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani(as) praised by the British or he praised the British? If it was not the rule of the British, his movement would not have flourished under Muslim rule.

Q2 @ 15:30 Ahmadiyya have mission in Israel, are you agents of Israel? Is your TV program running from Israel?

Q3 @ 29:00 It is alleged that objective of Ahmadiyya is to cause division in Islam?

Q4 @ 44:00 Question is about using Islamic Terminology, why do you not say "subhana wa ta'ala" with name of Allah, and don't say Dawah instead say Tabligh which is un Islamic?