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Allegations about Ahmadiyya, Books, Finance, Monetary Help, Persecution, Translation, Kaffir

Faith Matters 12 Nov 2009.

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Q1 @ 02:20 The translations of the books of Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani(as) are not available, are you trying to hide something?

Q2 @ 14:50 How is Ahmadiyya Muslim Community financed? The members of Ahmadiyya have to pay a lot of donations but gives them back nothing in return.

Q3 @ 23:30 The Ahmadiyya is giving monetary benefits to new converts by social security benefits and use asylum laws for their benefit?

Q4 @ 29:30 The persecution of Ahmadiyya is over played. In the context of Muslims suffering worldwide it is insignificant.

Q5 @ 37:50 The translation of Quran done by Ahmadiyya is twisted to fit their own view? The word Akhira is translated as 'what has yet to come' instead of Hereafter?

Q6 @ 47:20 All Muslims are unanimous in declaring Ahmadis are Kaffir therefore they are kaffir. The hadith about 73 sects does not apply to Ahmadis because it's a different religion. They have their own holy city, prophet, chanda, khilafat, and cult rituals.