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Questions about Mahdi, Islamic Terminology, Tackling Crime, Economic System, Khalifa, Peace

Faith Matters 19 Nov 2009.

Tags: Faith Matters   Mahdi   Crime   Economic System   Khalifatul Masih   Peace   

Q1 @ 01:30 If Mahdi has come that why has Islam not flourished and become the most powerful religion in the world?

Q2 @ 14:00 Non-Ahmadi clergy say that the Islamic terminology are patent and copyright of Muslims and people who are non-Muslims cannot use them? How do you define who is a Muslim?

Q3 @ 21:20 Why is the Islamic solution to tackling crime as some suggest more legislation is required and nothing seems to help?

Q4 @ 30:00 A very complicated and sophisticated economic system exists today but we are facing a big financial crisis, the stock market, the banking system, the lending all revolve around interest. Islam prohibits interest. What are the alternatives then? How the Islamic economic system work?

Q5 @ 40:50 Khalifa is chosen by Allah but why except one all Khulafa are from the family of Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani(as)?

Q6 @ 48:15 Worldwide peace cannot be created without inner peace within ourselves. What is Islam's concept of giving peace in the context of Jesus' giving peace?