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Questions about Natural Disasters, Drinking, Slaughter of Animals, Music, Why Accept Ahmadiyya

Faith Matters 26 Nov 2009.

Tags: Faith Matters   Alcohol   Animals   Music   Ahmadiyya   

Q1 @ 02:35 Question is about Natural Disasters or Divine Punishment, why so much suffering when God is so Merciful?

Q2 @ 16:25 Why is drinking prohibited in Islam? Excessive drinking is harmful but sensible drinking is acceptable in all societies yet it is completely forbidden in Islam?

Q3 @ 26:40 Slaughter of animals is considered cruelty by many and it is proven that you can live on vegetable food, why then destroy life?

Q4 @ 37:40 Why music is forbidden in Islam?

Q5 @ 48:25 Why is it necessary to accept Jama'at Ahmadiyya and Imam Mahdi?