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Questions about Life After Death, Angels, Satan (Fallen Angel), Stoning, Converting to Islam

Faith Matters 6 Dec 2009.

Tags: Faith Matters   Hereafter   Angels   Stoning   Converts   

Q1 @ 01:40 The scene presented in Holy Quran about life after death in heaven about beautiful women and streams of honey and milk, is it spiritual or physical? Also what happens to the soul between death and day of judgment?

Q2 @ 19:05 Can you explain the Islamic concept of angels and in which form they appear? Can they appear to anyone at anytime?

Q3 @ 29:30 What is the concept of Satan and Iblees and was Iblees an angel? (fallen angel)

Q4 @ 39:05 Isn't stoning by death for adultery a harsh punishment and some in Muslim countries go out of law to deliver this punishment? Is it Islamic punishment?

Q5 @ 50:00 Converting to Islam by non-believers is very hard because it changes the life completely while those converting to Christianity can continue on with their previous life style. Can you please comment on that?