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Homophobic crime, pre-marital relation, circumcision, horoscope, children/parents tension

Tags: Faith Matters   Homosexual   Circumcision   Horoscope   Children   Parents   

Q1 @ 01:41 As a diversity worker I have to deal with people from different backgrounds including gays who are victims of homophobic crime. How can I help them and what's the best method to follow as I find it difficult to work with them because of my personal beliefs?

Q2 @ 11:15 What is the Islamic teachings about people who had pre-marital relationships regarding marriage and becoming a good person and part of Islamic society?

Q3 @ 20:40 What are the benefits of male circumcision in the light of Holy Quran, Hadith and scientific research?

Q4 @ 26:15 There are obvious difference between the physical and virtual communities. Does Islam give any guidance to the virtual world (cyberspace/Internet)?

Book Review @ 32:15 The Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam

Q5 @ 33:00 What is the Islamic view on horoscope? Some say watching or reading about weather forecast is forbidden? And asking the doctor about the child before birth i.e. what is she having not permissible? If science allows us to make these determination, what is the Islamic viewpoint?

Q6 @ 43:00 Big problem faced by young people today is the tension that exists between children and parents, children being over anxious and parents being over protective. What guidance is provided by Islam for both parents and children to avoiding such a situation?