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Questions about God and Existence of God, Faith Matters #61

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Q1 @ 01:50 If God does not need anything the why did He create anything? If God does not need our services/worship then why did He create Jinn and Man to serve Him? If all other things worship God by living and following their instinct, why does God require man to do otherwise?

Q2 @ 11:00 If God is aware of everything that is going to happen or not happen (i.e. pre-destined), how can then God "changes mind and does something else"? If not then He is not All-Knowing?

Q3 @ 15:10 What are the justifications of different attributes of God?

Book Review @ 32:00 Our God

Q4 @ 32:45 How can I explain the concept of the existence of God who have a scientific bend of mind? If there is no compulsion in religion and it is based on entirely personal faith then does it not mean that it is impossible to scientifically prove the existence of God?

Q5 @ 45:00 If God provides sustenance for all living things, as referenced by Holy Quran, then why do some people die of starvation? If laws of nature and laws of shariah are entirely separate and have no connection with one another (assumption), then how can it be claimed that death and ailment, economic or financial calamity or natural disaster are punishments from God?