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Guests Remarks at Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Annual Convention USA 2011

At the 63rd Jalsa Salana (Annual Convention) of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA.

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Guests Remarks: (click on time below to play any particular comment)

@ 02:25 Linda D. Thompson, Mayor Harrisburg

@ 15:38 Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (Phone Message)

@ 22:08 Farah Pandith, Secretary of State Clinton's Special Representative to Muslim Communities (Video Message)

@ 26:55 Letter from Victoria Alvarado, Director of International Religious Freedoms, US State Dept

@ 29:20 Tim Lenderking, Director of the Pakistan Affairs, US State Dept

@ 34:07 Martha Kanter, Under Secretary US Dept. of Education

@ 52:10 Rep Jim McDermott, US Congressman (Video Message)

@ 54:35 Michael Ghouse, Director of World Muslim Congress