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Islam Ahmadiyya Questions, Jury Service, Second Coming of Jesus, Acceptance of Prayers

Faith Matters 65.

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Q1 @ 01:55 What does Islam say about jury service?

Q2 @ 05:15 What is meant by second coming of Jesus?

Q3 @ 11:09 When Jesus Christ was being crucified, why were their two robbers beside him?

Q4 @ 14:06 Does Khilafat always follow prophethood, if yes then why we don't hear about Khalifas after the death of Jesus (alaihi salam) or Moses (alaihi salam)?

Q5 @ 18:35 What is the Islamic view on donating the corpse for medical research or study?

Q6 @ 21:55 Some people consider some days auspicious and hold weddings on such days as blessed. Is there any basis for this in Islam?

Q7 @ 25:30 I have read that for prayers to be accepted, full attention and focus is needed. So I wonder if I supplicate in five daily prayers and tahajjud, is this enough? What I'm supposed to do when I am work or school or busy elsewhere? What is the best way to achieve acceptance of prayers and get Allah's Blessings and Grace?

Q8 @ 33:15 Miracles and wonders can happen with prayers. Does these only happen for Allah's special people (prophets and people who have dedicated their lives to God) or they can happen for us normal people?

Q9 @ 39:10 I have heard there is a time between Asr and Maghrib when all prayers are accepted? But Nafl Salat is forbidden in that time so how can one pray during this specific time?

Q10 @ 42:19 If everything is pre-destined then what's the point of praying?

Q11 @ 44:00 I eat using my right hand but use my left hand to drink from the container as to avoid smearing the container from food particles. Is that practice permissible?

Q12 @ 48:15 Is there any significance to the fact that Jesus Christ died in India and The Promised Messiah also came in India?

Q13 @ 52:15 If someone believes in God and has firm faith that God will accept the prayer, does this belief of unseen becomes sinful?

Q14 @ 55:30 Some groups in Muslims say that crying during the prayers makes it invalid?