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Persecution of Ahmadis in Pakistan, 28th May Lahore Attack on Mosques, Faith Matters #39

Tags: Faith Matters   Persecution   Pakistan   

Guests include Ali Dayan Hasan (Human Rights Watch). Topics covered:

- History of Persecution of Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan

- State sanctions persecution by anti-Ahmadi laws

- Context in which these attacks happened (anti-Ahmadiyya propaganda)

- Inaction by government and administration to protect

- Why inaction by government and what is the real Islamic teaching by Holy Prophet Muhammad(saw)?

- Why peaceful and beautiful Islamic teaching is not followed in Pakistan?

- Politics in the name of religion and its history

- What is the next step to solution of this problem? And if not followed what will happen?

- Allegation is raised that Ahmadiyya community and Zafrulla Khan worked against Pakistan?