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Beacon of Truth #8 - Jama'at Financial / Chanda System

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What are the different financial schemes started by The Promised Messiah(as)?

What are the different financial schemes started by Khulafa-e-Ahmadiyyat?

Are Ahmadi Muslims forced to pay chanda (donations)?

If Nizam-e-Wassiyat was revealed by Allah, why was it not started by the Holy Prophet(saw)?

How can Zakat be paid on fluctuating value?

What are the similarities in donation system of different religions?

What is the purpose of Eid Fund and Fitrana and who started these?

Are there levels of financial sacrifices?

If any area of service is short of funds, how are funds arranged for it?

What is the advise for those who want to pay chanda but are affected by financial crisis?

Looking at the example of Hadhrat Abu Bakr(ra), can one spend everything in the cause of Allah or should keep something for the family?

How Jama'at ensures that the funds being collected are being spent correctly?