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Faith Matters #68 Questions: Biotechnology, Portraits, Ring, Prayers, Dreams, Adopted Children

Tags: Faith Matters   Biotechnology   Portraits   Prayers   Dream   Adoption   

Q1 @ 01:38 What is the Islamic viewpoint about biotechnology? Specifically about human cloning.

Q2 @ 13:32 Are portraits drawing forbidden in Islam?

Q3 @ 26:45 Promised Messiah(as) received many revelations including 'alaisalaho bekafin abduhu'. Why was it so dear to the Promised Messiah(as) and member of Jama'at wear the rings with this written on them. Is this some kind of taweez?

Q4 @ 33:15 The position of arms is different in different Muslim communities during prayers. Why are there practical differences in different sects in Islam? Where do these differences come from?

Q5 @ 42:30 How can we distinguish a dream which has a guidance on it so we can act on it?

Q6 @ 52:28 How can one raise siblings when one of them is adopted? When they reach the age of puberty should the other children observe purdah?