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What happened in 1974 in National Assembly of Pakistan? Eye-witness Account #6-3

Maulana Dost Muhammad Shahid sahib shares his eye-witness account of what happened in 1974 in National Assembly of Pakistan when the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community was asked to present its views and answer questions raised by opponents of Ahmadiyya Jama'at. Program #6 Part 3.

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Continued from previous programs:

Questions to Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih III(rh):
- Question about calling Mirza sahib himself as Moon of the 14th Day?
- Question about Aena Kamalat-e-Islam where dawat to Muslims is mentioned?
- Your calendar is different?
- Question was asked if Zia-ul-Islam press is also in Qadian?
- With reference to a magazine it was asked that Durood Shareef has been changed?