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Faith Matters #69: Musleh Maud, Mujaddad, Mahdi, Khilafat, Financial Sacrifice

Tags: Faith Matters   Musleh Maood   Mujaddad   Imam Mahdi   Khilafat   Financial Sacrifice   

Q1 @ 01:55 Could you shed some light on the prophecy of Musleh Maud (Promised Reformer) by The Promised Messiah?

Q2 @ 15:05 Who is the reformer of the 15th Century Hijrah? What if someone claims that I'm the mujaddad (reformer) of this century?

Q3 @ 23:00 Is Jesus and Mahdi prophesied in Ahadith two different persons?

Q4 @ 26:00 Is every khilafat followed by Monarchy?

Q5 @ 33:40 Some non-Ahmadi scholars say that Ahmadiyya is a cult?

Q6 @ 39:30 Islamic finance system revolves around Zakat and Ahmadiyya have their own system of finance and money making machine for their leadership?