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Faith Matters #71: Prophets, Wife Beating, Religion/Politics, Persecution, Blasphemy

Tags: Faith Matters   Prophets   Women   Domestic Harmony   Politics   Persecution   Blasphemy   

Q1 @ 02:25 Is there any significance of a lot prophets to have appeared in Middle East?

Q2 @ 11:25 What is the true meaning of chastising a wife by husband?

Q3 @ 25:10 In the context of Qaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah's speech of 11 August 1947, why is there extreme persecution going on in Pakistan? Religion and politics in Pakistan and concept of "Islamic State".

Q4 @ 40:25 In Pakistan everyone is suffering, why do Ahmadis only focus on their persecution? Murders of those who speak out for Civil and Human Rights.

Q5 @ 54:40 What is the balance between blasphemy and freedom of speech?