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Obedience of Khilafat, Not Compulsion - Beacon of Truth #11

With Khuddam at Manchester, United Kingdom

Tags: Beacon of Truth   Ahmadiyya   Khilafat   

What is the Islamic doctrine of obedience?

How is this obedience applied in Ahmadiyya Muslim Community?

Outside Ahmadiyya Muslim Community there is total freedom to do whatever you like, why are there restrictions in the community?

What are the consequences of disobedience?

Some claim how can we obey a country that is fighting against Muslim countries?

When an instructions is given some people are slow to respond, what can we do to improve that?

If someone thinks that a decision has been made against him, can that person appeal against it? Does it come under disobedience?

What is the Maroof decision?

How can we achieve righteousness and obedience?

Can you give example of importance of obedience to Khilafat in Holy Quran and mentioned by Holy Prophet(saw)?

What is the difference between obedient and being part of cult?