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Faith Matters #74: Palestine-Israel Issue, Halala, Cremation, Punishments, Prophethood

Tags: Palestine   Israel   Halala   Cremation   Punishment   Prophethood   

Q1 @ 02:20 Question about Palestinian rights and Israel and Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

Q2 @ 11:30 What is the true status of Halala in Islam?

Q3 @ 18:45 If a person's soul is spiritual and not made of body tissues then are we not allowed cremation?

Q4 @ 28:55 Cutting the hands on stealing, is it permissible? Question about Islamic punishments.

Q5 @ 39:45 With reference to the Hadith that there is nothing left of Prophethood except Al-Mubashirat (i.e. true good dreams) and in another Hadith Holy Prophet(saw) said a good dream is 46th part of prophethood. This means that 45 parts of prophethood are closed and only one is open. What is the significance of 46?

Q6 @ 52:15 How doing circuit of Ka'ba or facing Ka'ba not idol worship?