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Faith Matters #78: Paradise, Aqeeqa, Alcohol, Zakat, Halal Food, Evil-Eye

Tags: Faith Matters   Heaven   Aqeeqa   Alcohol   Zakat   Halal Food   Evil-Eye   

Q1 @ 02:05 We know Paradise is spiritual but will we have same physical bonds we have here?

Q2 @ 10:45 Why do Muslims sacrifice two animals when a baby boy is born and one animal when baby girl is born?

Q3 @ 15:50 Is it right for a Muslim businessman to give a bottle wine to clients to keep a good business relationship?

Q4 @ 21:08 What is the proper way to pay Zakat? And is it necessary to pay Zakat on gold jewellery and other items?

Q5 @ 28:40 Why is there no single source for Muslims as reference point?

Q6 @ 39:10 Is all sea food halal? including sharks and whales?

Q7 @ 40:20 Is adding alcohol during cooking allowed?

Q8 @ 46:00 Does evil-eye (in Urdu Nazar lag jana) exist and how can we protect ourselves from it?

Q9 @ 51:05 Does Black Magic have any place in Islam?