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Islam Ahmadiyya Questions: Khilafat, Ahmadiyyat ~ Faith Matters #81

A contemporary and exciting English question and answer programme exploring various matters relating to faith and religion. Programme no. 81.

Tags: Faith Matters   Khilafat   Ahmadiyya   

Q1 @ 02:05 Where does this chain of Khilafat originate from that you refer to Khalifa-ul-Masih?

Q2 @ 11:50 Ahmadis claim this Khilafat is for the whole world, but I have not heard of it in Afghanistan?

Q3 @ 22:05 We believe Khilafat is eternal but we also believe prophets can come. If Khilafat is eternal why there is a need for a prophet to come?

Q4 @ 26:45 Can you explain solid difference between Ahmadi Muslims and other non-Ahmadi Muslims?

Q5 @ 46:50 It is said the Dajjal will have long curly hair? What is the interpretation of that?