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Beacon of Truth #16, Harsh Language, Challenges and Prophecies of Promised Messiah

Tags: Beacon of Truth   Ahmadiyya   Allegations   

It is alleged that Promised Messiah (alaihi salam) used harsh language which is not appropriate for a Prophet of Allah?

Why did Promised Messiah (alaihi salam) made challenges instead of just making claims?

Why did Promised Messiah (alaihi salam) made prophecies about death of certain opponents?

At one point Promised Messiah (alaihi salam) stopped making prophecies of death, what is the background of that?

These days maulvis use harsh language against us and Promised Messiah (alaihi salam), can we also use harsh language?

Is there any example of Holy Prophet(saw) where he prayed for the death of his opponents? If not, why Promised Messiah(as) prayed as such?

In one book of The Promised Messiah (alaihi salam) has written Lanat (curse) 1000 times, can you please explain why?

How to respond to allegations that are raised against Islam Ahmadiyya?