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Faith Matters #83 - Africa, Trials, Parable, Jesus, Allegations

A contemporary and exciting English question and answer programme exploring various matters relating to faith and religion. Programme no. 83.

Tags: Faith Matters   Africa   Jesus   Trials   Parable   Allegations   

Q1 @ 2:00 Africa is rich in natural resources yet we look towards Western country to develop African continent and it is least developed and suffering a lot. Under Islamic teachings how can we use our natural resources to develop our countries in Africa for the benefit of people and humanity. And can Africa be independent economically and politically?

Q2 @ 16:36 What is the wisdom behind putting people with excellent morals through trials and tribulations rather than rewarding them with eternal blessing within this world and hereafter?

Q3 @ 29:00 When Hadhrat Jesus (as) speaks of Kingdom of God be taken away from Jews he was referring to rejected stone. What did he really mean by that rejected stone?

Q4 @ 38:37 The Promised Messiah (as) before his claim to being Promised Messiah held the belief of non-Ahmadi Muslims that Jesus is still alive in the heavens?

Q5 @ 53:08 It is alleged that Qadiani people do Hajj in Qadian!? And in their Kalma is Ghulam Ahmad Rasool-ullah.