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Faith Matters #86 Prophethood, Mahdi, Jesus, Prayers

A contemporary and exciting English question and answer programme exploring various matters relating to faith and religion. Programme no. 86.

Tags: Faith Matters   Prophethood   Mahdi   Jesus   Prayers   

Q1 @ 2:00 With reference to verse 4:70 of Holy Quran, prophethood can be obtained but subordinate to Holy Prophet. Non-Ahmadi Muslims quote Ahadith in response to that this relates to one Sahabi and only companionship. Can you explain?

Q2 @ 12:00 In Hadith of Ibn Maja it is said that Mahdi and Jesus is one and the same person. Non-Ahmadis say that this hadith is not authentic, can you explain?

Q3 @ 28:15 Is it permissible to pray for parents who are not Ahmadi Muslims? And can funeral prayer be offered as well?

Q4 @ 33:55 Is there anything special that can be done for the supplications and prayers to be heard and accepted? What is the 40 day solitude prayers?

Q5 @ 47:50 With reference to prayers be accepted, what about a person who is not righteous but is trying to be a better person?

Q6 @ 52:50 I often close my eyes during prayers to concentrate more, is it permissible?

Q7 @ 56:05 Is fast food Halal?