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Faith Matters #87 ~ Questions Answered by Islam Ahmadiyya

A contemporary and exciting English question and answer programme exploring various matters relating to faith and religion. Programme no. 87.

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Q1 @ 2:20 It is understood that most things are subject to interpretation. How can we find which interpretation is of function of power and which one is of truth?

Q2 @ 6:26 Why is smoking not strictly forbidden in Islam?

Q3 @ 18:40 In Islam Women have supported men in wars and played great role in society and were given rights. In West women also supported in wars and after World War I and II, women liberation movements started.

Q4 @ 26:35 In Holy Quran there are many levels of heavens mentioned, can you explain that?

Q5 @ 30:45 Does Islam allow FGM (female genital mutilation)? Can you also elaborate on righteousness?

Q6 @ 34:25 Is it acceptable for Muslims to recite Lord's Prayer?

Q7 @ 40:10 Can Muslim refer to Allah as a metaphorical Father?

Q8 @ 46:30 From Bible study we found that Adam was created and then from the rib of Adam, Eve was created. What is the Islamic Ahmadiyya viewpoint?

Q9 @ 53:15 In Ghana in certain places when Imam ends the prayers by saying Assalamo Alaikum towards right and then left, after that followers say Assalamo Alaikum instead of following each step.