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Faith Matters #88 ~ Salam, Loh-e-Qurani, Honour Killing, Salat in Travel, Black Magic, Gender Change

A contemporary and exciting English question and answer programme exploring various matters relating to faith and religion. Programme no. 88.

Tags: Faith Matters   Stoning   Salat   Magic   

Q1 @ 1:40 There is teaching in Islam to say Assalamo Alaikum first. Is it ok to say that to ladies without exchanging glances.

Q2 @ 5:40 What is Loh-e-Qurani and is there any significance of it? Also is it ok to write numbers e.g. 786 instead of actual verse?

Q3 @ 16:02 Which verse of the Holy Quran do some non-Ahmadi Muslims use to justify honour killing? Why do honour killings happen and what is actual Islamic punishment if any?

Q4 @ 31:43 Is it permissible to read Salat while driving?

Q5 @ 39:37 What is black magic and is there any truth to it?

Q6 @ 43:20 What is Islamic view on gender identity issues i.e. sex change?