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Urdu Rahe Huda 15th September 2012 from Qadian

An interactive talk show answering questions about the beliefs of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, thus rectifying misconceptions. Recorded on 15th September 2012. Presentation of MTA International.

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Q1 @ 5:31 Please tell us about Hadhrat Masih Maud's (as) ancestors and family.

Q2 @ 13:50 Please tell us about Hadhrat Masih Maud's (as) childhood in Qadian.

Q3 @ 23:14 Hadhrat Masih Maud (as) once said he does not have any teacher and he also wrote that he had tutors for Arabic and Persian languages. Why do his writings have this contradiction?

Q4 @ 30:43 Please tell us about Hadhrat Masih Maud's (as) activities as a young man in Qadian.

Q5 @ 44:45 Is there a prophecy that tells us how long after Hadhrat Masih Maud (as) Islam will prosper in this world? Also, why did not anything significant happen during the Promised Messiah's life regarding the spreading of Islam in this world?

Q6 @ 52:29 Please tell us how Hadhrat Masih Maud (as) was able to write and publish books to spread the word of Islam, despite the fact that he did not have many technologies available to him at that time.

Q7 @ 1:04:15 Please tell us about Hadhrat Masih Maud's (as) mother's family.

Q8 @ 1:08:08 Why do some people say that Hadhrat Masih Maud (as) was a British agent in India?

Q9 @ 1:18:27 How does Hadhrat Masih Maud (as) fulfill the prophecy in Hadith that the Promised Messiah will come in Damascus?

Q10 @ 1:21:53 Kindly comment on how Hadhrat Masih Maud's (as) father and brother were prominent personalities in Punjab, yet Qadian is remembered only in reference to Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani (as).