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Rahe Huda 6th Oct 2012, Topic: Holy Prophet Muhammad(saw)

An interactive talk show answering questions about the beliefs of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, thus rectifying misconceptions. Recorded on 6th October 2012. Presentation of MTA International.

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Q1 @ 8:20 Please tell us about the early life and personality of Hadhrat Muhammad (saw), particularly in the light of recent insults directed towards the Holy Prophet (saw) by some people.

Q2 @ 27:22 Who lead the funeral prayers of Hadhrat Muhammad (saw)?

Q3 @ 29:10 According to Hadith, Hadhrat Muhammad (saw) lead prayers for all other prophets during Miraj. However, Salat was not obligatory for Muslims at that time. So how did the prophets say their prayers on Miraj?

Q4 @ 31:40 Please inform us about the reasons and events of wars the Hadhrat Muhammad (saw) had to fight for Islam. Also, kindly tell us about the Holy Prophet's (saw) dedication for tabligh and propagation of Islam during his life.

Q5 @ 49:09 Please explain the Hadith "La nabia baadi".

Q6 @ 52:00 If there is an international law against insulting prophets, how will it be different from the Blasphemy (Tauheen e Risalat) law in Pakistan?

Q7 @ 59:20 Did any prophet before Hadhrat Muhammad (saw) marry multiple times like the Holy Prophet?

Q8 @ 1:01:18 Hadhrat Muhammad (saw) spread the word of Islam through his own kind behaviour after he conquered Makkah. Please tell us about his efforts regaridng tabligh.

Q9 @ 1:15:58 Why do people insult Islam and Hadhrat Muhammad (saw)?

Q10 @ 1:18:16 Not only do non-Muslims insult the Holy Prophet, but Muslims scholars have also added untrue explainations to certain Ahadith regarding Hadhrat Muhammad (saw). How has Hadhrat Masih Maud (as) revived the glory and respect of Hadhrat Muhammad (saw)?