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Second Coming of Jesus, Son of Jesus, Modification in Bible, Sin, Confession - Faith Matters 91

Programme no. 91 of a contemporary and informative English question and answer programme exploring various matters relating to faith and religion. For more information about Islam please visit

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Q1 @ 2:10 Regarding second manifestation of Jesus Christ whether it will be physical or in spirit, what is the basis of the interpretation?

Q2 @ 12:52 Did Jesus(as) had a son? What do we believe about Jesus(as) and his mission?

Q3 @ 23:15 With reference to Mark Chapter 16, Verses 9-20, are not present in all manuscripts of the Bible. Do you know when this modification appeared?

Q4 @ 33:07 With reference to Christian concept of Sin can a man achieve perfection?

Q5 @ 41:50 I want to know why Muslims regularly cite the Bible in proving their views regards to Jesus, especially if they believe Bible is interpolated i.e. it has changed?

Q6 @ 45:35 What is the Ahmadiyya view about the "hidden years" of Jesus(as)? With reference to Luke Chapter 2, verse 52.

Q7 @ 52:40 With reference to confession, Christian friends say that after confession they come out as if the burden has been lifted from their shoulders. Does this concept of confession exist in Islam?