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Faith Matters 92: Name, Tahajjud, Soul, Fate, Step-Father, Marriage across Tribes, Islam Ahmadiyya

A contemporary and informative English question and answer programme exploring various matters relating to faith and religion.

Tags: Faith Matters   Fate   Soul   Marriage   

Q1 @ 1:45 Question about naming children, we can name them in Arabic like Yaqoob but can we name them Jacob?

Q2 @ 5:50 Do we have to sleep in order to pray Tahajjud? Is Tahajjud a collective prayer or individual?

Q3 @ 10:52 If the deceased body is donated for the scientific research, what happens after its use?

Q4 @ 13:33 Are we the only people who accept the Promised Messiah(as) and those who do not will not go to heaven?

Q5 @ 21:19 Can you shed some light on the soul before the creation under Islamic teachings?

Q6 @ 30:34 How does one know if something happened due to lack of effort on the person's part or fate?

Q7 @ 37:00 When I was growing up I heard that Eve was created from the rib of Adam, is that true?

Q8 @ 41:00 I use the name of my step-father and I'm thinking of changing it. Is it Islamic to carry the name of step-father?

Q9 @ 48:03 If a woman converts to Islam from a different tribe and religion, can a Muslim marry her?

Q10 @ 54:00 Why did the group called Lahori Ahmadi split from us and what are the doctrinal differences?