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Urdu: Rahe Huda 5th November 2012

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Q1 @ 4:00 What was the condition of the Muslim world at the advent of Hadhrat Masih Maud (as)?

Q2 @ 10:36 Since the condition of the Muslim world was clearly deteriorating, did Muslim scholars during those days feel that the time had come for the advent of the Promised Messiah?

Q3 @ 25:00 Please tell us how Hadhrat Masih Maud (as) had all the qualities in his personality and deeds, that Imam Mahdi was prophecized to have.

Q4 @ 29:22 Was Hadhrat Masih Maud (as) a prophet or Imam Mahdi?

Q5 @ 39:11 Is Imam Mahdi the second coming of Hadhrat Isa (as) or is Hadhrat Masih Maud (as) the Imam Mahdi?

Q6 @ 45:50 Please tell us how Hadhrat Masih Maud (as) was dedicated to the propagation of Islam as the true religion even before his claim to be the Promised Messiah.

Q7 @ 53:14 Some people say that according to Jamaat Ahmadiyya belief, Hadhrat Isa (as) was an illegitimate child. Is this true?

Q8 @ 1:04:19 How is Jamaat Ahmadiyya Canada spreading the word of Hadhrat Masih Maud (as) since Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih V (ra) visited Canada in summer?

Q9 @ 1:08:40 When people insult Hadhrat Muhammad (saw), Jamaat Ahmadiyya reacts very peacefully, according to Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih V's (aba) direction. What steps has Jamaat Ahmadiyya Canada taken as a response to such insults?

Q10 @ 1:20:24 When the Jamaat Ahmadiyya Canada approaches non-Muslims in the West, how do they react to our message?