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Questions about Christianity - Faith Matters 93 - Islam Ahmadiyya

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Q1 @ 2:00 In regards to sun and moon eclipse in Bible my friend says these are political strifes and not a phyiscal one?

Q2 @ 9:35 A Christian missionary said all stories in Holy Quran are taken from Bible and Jesus is the last prophet because of atonement for all human beings so there is no need for further prophets.

Q3 @ 22:35 Question about the virgin birth of Jesus Christ.

Q4 @ 28:54 Question about Jesus Christ speaking when in cradle.

Q5 @ 36:49 Christians are regarded as People of the Book, why are they regarded as such as New Testament is not regarded as the Book from God Almighty.

Q6 @ 41:15 My Christian friend says they are assured of place in heaven by accepting Jesus as the Saviour. How do I respond to that?

Q7 @ 46:36 Question by a Christian that ways of God is mystery and you cannot understand them.