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Muslims who believe in the Messiah, Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani (as)

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Urdu: Rahe Huda 24th November 2012

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Q1 @ 3:30 Please tell us about Hadhrat Masih Maud's (as) claim to be a prophet of God.

Q2 @ 15:40 How did Hadhrat Masih Maud (as) prove himself to be the Promised Messiah?

Q3 @ 22:42 Did Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani (as) also perform miracles like Hadhrat Muhammad (saw)?

Q4 @ 32:20 How can you tell which scholars are "Ulema e Haq" and which ones are "Ulema e Soo"?

Q5 @ 39:12 Please tell us about the Hadith that mentions that the Promised Messiah will be a prophet.

Q6 @ 44:36 How did Hadhrat Masih Maud (as) prove his claim to be Imam Mahdi?

Q7 @ 57:54 Please discuss how all Muslims joined together to call Hadhrat Masih Maud (as) a disbeliever (kaafir).

Q8 @ 1:05:37 Please explain the word "Zurria tul baghaia" that Hadhrat Masih Maud (as) mentioned in his book Aina e Kamlaat e Islam.

Q9 @ 1:11:32 What challenges does spreading the word of Islam in Africa pose?

Q10 @ 1:15:52 How are Jamaat Ahmadiyya's efforts to help the society in Africa different from other organizations' activities?

Q11 @ 1:18:55 How are setting up of schools and hospitals in Africa helping spread the word of Islam?

Q12 @ 1:25:00 What is Jamaat Ahmadiyya doing in Ghana to spread the word of Islam to the masses?

Q13 @ 1:29:33 Please comment on Author Humphrey Fisher's book in which he mentioned that the future of Ahmadiyya Jamaat is not secure in Africa.