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Questions about Islam - Faith Matters 97 - Islam Ahmadiyya

Programme no. 97 of a contemporary and informative English question and answer programme exploring various matters relating to faith and religion.

Tags: Faith Matters   Women   

Q1 @ 2:10 What is the proper attire for a Muslim lady while perfoming Salat?

Q2 @ 7:29 It is said that there have been no women prophets except Hinduism, why is this the case?

Q3 @ 17:57 Society is often divided in groups. For not allowing interfaith marriages, isn't religion providing grounds for division? And this results in honour killing?

Q4 @ 25:35 With regards to IVF and giving uterus of mother to daughter, where does Islam stand on that?

Q5 @ 29:30 There are new medical procedures now for gender selection of baby, what Islam says about it? Also in regards to IVF can the defective genes be dealt with at that time?

Q6 @ 37:15 Are women allowed to visit graveyards for praying for their departed relatives? And are they are allowed to visit at the time of burial?

Q7 @ 42:20 What is the role of women in Ahmadiyya Muslim Community?

Q8 @ 50:50 In regards to the Hadith that majority of the people in hell will be women, what does that mean?