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Questions about Islam - Faith Matters 99 - Islam Ahmadiyya

Tags: Faith Matters   Blasphemy   Apostasy   Hereafter   Soul   

Q1 @ 2:10 What is the relationship between body and soul after the death?

Q2 @ 12:24 We have a reproduction system in this world, will this continue in the hereafter?

Q3 @ 14:25 What form does the soul take in the hereafter?

Q4 @ 15:55 Why "hatred for none" when in Quran it is said that enmity and hatred has been created with disbelievers?

Q5 @ 25:34 I heard a Muslim maulvi (non-Ahmadi) who said that Islam allows murder of someone who leaves Islam. Can you please explain?

Q6 @ 34:03 A colleague says that blasphemy law of Pakistan is about hate crime and stops hate speech, why is the fuss about?