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Question and Answer Session (13 April 1996, part 1) with Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad - Atfal Rally

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@ 1:25 In Eid prayer we have 7 Takbeerat in first Rakat, why do we have 5 in second one?

@ 5:00 Why do we have Taraveeh prayers in Ramadhan?

@ 10:18 Why did Allah create human beings and how did Adam and Eve get their names?

@ 19:08 I believe Islam is true religion. But if I told my Christian friends they will say that their religion is the true religion. How can I prove to them that Islam is the true religion?

@ 22:20 Do Muslims believe in the Big Bang Theory?

@ 25:18 Why did the Holy Prophet(saw) had no son to live when though he prayed?

@ 31:15 Why are we called Atfal, and what does it mean?

@ 33:00 Why don't we read Namaz when Sun is directly right above our head?

@ 37:45 What does Ahmadiyyat mean?