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Question and Answer Session (13 April 1996, part 2) with Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad - Atfal Rally

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@ 0:30 Why are we not allowed to eat snakes?

@ 3:39 What does Quran say will happen to the planet earth at the end of the world?

@ 9:43 Do you believe in UFOs and if you do why are they doing here?

@ 17:24 What is the significance of Fasting and Hajj?

@ 23:15 How does God look like, can you see him in your dreams?

@ 27:06 What was before the earth?

@ 30:18 Why does Saturn has a ring around it?

@ 33:14 These days non-Ahmadis do not care about religion, how can we attract them towards Ahmadiyyat?

@ 37:51 Why does the world go round?

@ 43:46 What does it mean to by Chief of the Prophets?

@ 45:16 Allah made everything, why did he make Satan?

@ 51:30 An Advice.