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Questions about Islam - Faith Matters 100

Tags: Faith Matters   Apostasy   Pakistan   Shariah   

Q1 @ 2:55 With reference to the verse of the Holy Quran 6:98 can the satellite be considered the stars that guide in the direction? And in the spiritual world the MTA Satellite also guiding in the right path?

Q2 @ 15:02 How should the laws relating to fornication apply to non-Muslims in a Muslim state?

Q3 @ 29:50 Question about Apostasy

Q4 @ 32:38 Does Islam allow inheritance to orphans?

Q5 @ 34:23 What is the legality of the anti-Ahmadiyya laws in Pakistan?

Q6 @ 41:30 What is the standing of Ahmadiyya Muslims on Shariah Laws?