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Faith Matters 103 (Leather, Name of Allah, 7 Kinds of Martyrs, Traditional Islam, Mayan Calendar)

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Q1 @ 1:35 May a Muslim buy a product that is made out of leather of pigs?

Q2 @ 8:38 Usage of the name Allah in Churches?

Q3 @ 14:30 In a Hadith it is mentioned that there are seven kinds of Martyrs, could you please explain? Another question relates to martyrdom of women during child birth.

Q4 @ 25:06 How would the children who are severely disabled be judged at the Day of Judgment?

Q5 @ 29:43 It is alleged that Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has cut-off itself from traditional Islam and history?

Q6 @ 37:48 With reference to Mayan calendar, is there any truth to these prophecies about end of an age and a beginning of a new one?

Q7 @ 47:30 Why did Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian claimed to be 'reincarnation' of all prophets?