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Questions about Ramadan and Fasting in Islam - Faith Matters 120

Tags: Faith Matters   Ramadhan   

Q1 @ 02:15 The concept of Shab-e-Barat and fast the next day

Q2 @ 08:26 The opening of restaurants during Ramadan

Q3 @ 19:32 Concept of Sehri

Q4 @ 22:25 Taking part in Itekaaf without Fasting

Q5 @ 26:13 Use of toothpaste/mouthwash whilst Fasting

Q6 @ 30:46 Travelling during Ramadan

Q7 @ 33:13 Fasting whilst studying

Q8 @ 37:09 Accidently eating whilst Fasting

Q9 @ 42:02 Fasting in the Northern Hemisphere

Q10 @ 44:25 The beginning of Ramadan

Q11 @ 46:17 Differences in deciding the start of Ramadan

Q12 @ 50:12 Tasting of food whilst Fasting

Q13 @ 52:22 The reward for giving Fidya