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Faith Matters 127

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@ 1:40 Concept of Iblees. Was he the Fallen Angel?

@ 7:20 Physical or spiritual ascension of Holy Prophet to Heavens?

@ 15:35 Is there a requirement for Walima to have a physical relationship prior to it?

@ 19:42 Significance of taking Bai'at (Allegiance) at the time of Khulafa-e-Rashideen

@ 29:16 Is it ok to greet non-Muslim friend with Assalamo Alaikum?

@ 36:07 Prayers (Salat)

@ 39:37 Salatu-Tasbeeh

@ 45:44 Is it right of government to take the property and distribute it among people?

@ 53:15 Why some people who can provide for children are not blessed with children?