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Faith Matters #55, English Question Answer (Absolute Justice, Kindness and Kinship)

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Q1 @ 01:50 What is Islam's view on organ donation after death? is it not like mutilation of the body which is forbidden in Islam?

Q2 @ 05:18 Society these days accepts that being youth you are involved in social evils. I have seen smart students socialize most and they are also comfortable with wild partying and clubbing culture and at times drink excessively and take drugs etc. Same individuals secure high profile jobs except a small minority. On the contrary those who stay away from such "wild culture" because of family or religious pressure get rejected in jobs because employers look for people with high social profile. Could you comment on these assertions?

Q3 @ 19:14 Islam teaches whether to forgive or punish someone who has done wrong depends on which method is deem best to assist in that person's reform. It also highlights the importance of maintaining the ties of kinship and not to sever them. However if a family member persists in bad conduct and causes them problems and despite several attempts to address that behaviour they do not accept that they have done any wrong and continue with the bad conduct, is it wrong to abstain from any contact with that person until they reform?

Book Review @ 31:22 Absolute Justice, Kindness and Kinship

Q4 @ 34:00 What is Ahmadiyya Muslim view on buying house on interest / mortgage based system in North America?

Q5 @ 43:25 Does fiqah permits using technology (online connection) for congregational prayer where Imam and followers are not in the same room?

Q6 @ 53:35 Why is drinking prohibited in Islam?