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Faith Matters #54 Islam's Response to Contemporary Issues

A contemporary and exciting English question and answer programme exploring various matters relating to faith and religion.

Tags: Faith Matters   Marriage   Homosexual   Pets   Surrogacy   Abortion   

Q1 @ 2:35 I don't think there is any concept in Islam of a man loving a woman other than his wife but is there any harm in wishing to marry some specific girl who could be your cousin or someone you know and is there any harm in praying that all the obstacle in marrying this specific girl are removed?

Q2 @ 10:00 Issue of gay parents adopting children.

Q3 @ 21:45 If someone is inclined towards homosexual tendencies and fears that if it was revealed they'll be ostracized from the community? How can that determination be made and can tally with the slogan of "Love for all, hatred for none".

Q4 @ 27:50 Other religions allow to have boyfriend and girlfriend, why Islam does not allow that?

Book Review @ 33:20 Islam's Response to Contemporary Issues

Q5 @ 37:15 Why Islam implores the virtues of marriage as cornerstone to building the societies of future?

Q6 @ 40:15 As Ahmadi Muslims are we allowed to keep dogs and cats as pets?

Q7 @ 47:00 What is the status of surrogacy in Islam?

Q8 @ 54:40 What is the status of abortion in Islam especially in context of disabled children being born?