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Faith Matters #53, Questions about Blasphemy, Apostasy, Adultery, Stoning

Tags: Faith Matters   Blasphemy   Apostasy   Adultery   Stoning   Punishment   

Q1 @ 01:55 Is there any punishment for apostasy (if a Muslim converts to another religion)?

Q2 @ 09:45 Is there any punishment for blasphemy? Salman Taseer governor of Punjab province of Pakistan was killed for raising voice against blasphemy law.

Q3 @ 16:15 What is your comment on Pakistan's Blasphemy law 295-C?

Q4 @ 23:40 What is the punishment for apostasy?

Q5 @ 28:45 Can Muslims (public) take law into their own hands to implement any punishments?

Q6 @ 34:05 What is the Islamic teachings regarding human rights of non-Muslims under an Islamic state?

Book Review @ 37:30 Murder in the name of Allah

Q7 @ 41:35 Was any Muslim punished by stoning to death according to law of Torah / Judaic law (before the Holy Quran)? What is Islamic punishment? Was any amputation of hands were carried out in the time of Holy Prophet(saw)?

Q8 @ 46:35 There are Ahadith (sayings of the Holy Prophet(saw)) to kill apostates and stone those who commit adultery?

Q9 @ 53:50 If Hadith says something that is against the teachings of the Holy Quran?