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Questions about Islamic State, Prayers, Angels, Mercy Killing, Drinking Beer, Women Inheritance

Faith Matters #31

Tags: Faith Matters   Angels   Mercy Killing   Women   Inheritance   

Q1 @ 02:40 What constitutes secularism within the Islamic state? Is Islam indeed secular? What are the rights of people under such state? and can a non-Muslim be a head of state? Does sharia law applies to non-Muslims in a Muslim state?

Q2 @ 17:25 Islam Ahmadiyyat claims to be the only religion which leads to Living God, Who listens to and answers prayers. How can we reconcile the fact that prayers of other religious adherents are also heard and answered? If their prayers are also accepted then what is the distinction of this claim by Ahmadi Muslims?

Q3 @ 29:40 Where do Angels come from?

Q4 @ 37:55 Some non-Ahmadi Muslims believe that beer is not prohibited, its only alcohol which is prohibited?

Q5 @ 49:19 Is euthanasia, assisted suicide, mercy killing, whatever you wish to call it, allowed in Islam in any shape or form?

Q6 @ 52:05 Why the woman's share of inherited wealth only half of what man gets?