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by the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
June 10th, 2005

(NOTE: Alislam Team takes full responsibility for any errors or miscommunication in this Synopsis of the Friday Sermon by Sister Shermeen Butt)

The Blessed Model of Submission to Allah

Today’s Friday Sermon was delivered by Huzuraba at Vancouver, Canada at the commencement of his tour of the country.

Reciting verses 128 – 129 of Surah Al Baqarah Huzuraba gave an inspirational discourse based on the blessed model of submission to Allah as exhibited by Hadhrat Ibrahim as when laying the foundations of the House of God; the Ka’ba.

Huzuraba spoke with reference to the foundation-laying of a long awaited mosque in Vancouver the next day. He stressed that the mosques our Community builds are not raised on momentary, fleeting enthusiasm and are not intended as ostentatious facades, rather their splendour stems from the worshippers who flock therein and the foundations of these mosques are raised on the prayers that Hadhrat Ibrahimas and Ishmaelas made.

He enjoined all to engage in these prayers, to cleanse and purify hearts from any evasiveness. Huzuraba prayed that may Allah make us the recipients of the Ibrahimi prayers and may Allah accept our prayers today as He accepted the prayers of Hadhrat Ibrahimas, accept the building of this mosque and may He make our generations to come among those who worship Him.

Huzuraba prayed that may Allah protect us, who reside in a part of the world that is steeped in materialism, may He guide us. May in this age, through the spiritual son of the Holy Prophetsaw, that is the Promised Messiahas we steer clear of any slip-up that could take us away from Khilafat that is established on the precepts of prophethood. May our generations to come be among those who repent and turn to Allah and may we always be among those who worship and are linked to the blessed reward of Khilafat. Huzuraba said when an Ahmadi would make this prayer and corroborate it with their actions then they would be the recipient of Allah’s beneficence.

Further expounding the legacy of Hadhrat Ibrahimas Huzuraba said that we are most fortunate in that we believed in him as well as have complete and absolute belief in the great prophet, Muhammadsaw whom he had prophesied and indeed believed in the prophecy that the Holy Prophetsaw made regarding his spiritual son in the latter-days about whom he enjoined to believe in even if one had to crawl over ice to reach him.

Huzuraba said it is our good fortunate that we believe in the ‘gallant of Allah’ (the Promised Messiahas) who was to revive faith on earth, however, if we do not meet the requisite standards our faith is of no avail. The Promised Messiah as was also given the title of Ibrahim, who, in compliance of the Holy Prophetsaw has been the source of passing on spiritual treasures.

Huzuraba said that the Holy Qur’an commands us to adopt the ‘station of Ibrahim’ (maqam e Ibrahim 2: 126) as a model, therefore we, who have believed in the ‘Ibrahim of this age’ and are vociferously displeased with any form of shirk (associating partners with Allah) should pay particular attention to the observance of Salat. Unless we submit ourselves completely to Divine commandments, establishing high standards of worship and eliminating all matters egotistical and those pertaining to false social orders, it will be of no avail.

Relating Ahadith Huzuraba elucidated the subject further and explained that one who goes to a mosque with the intention of hearing good is like one going to Jihad. Huzuraba said our mosques indeed propagate what is good and worthy and prayed that may wickedness never succeed among us. Huzuraba enjoined that each Ahmadi should pay heed to teachings of good, that a mosque plays a great role in the promotion of such teaching and that we should thus demonstrate by example that our mosques are the symbol of peace.

Huzuraba prayed that may those who are building the mosque [in Vancouver] honour their dues, laying its foundations on taqwa (righteousness) engaging in Istaghfar (seeking pardon of Allah) and abiding by the Quranic injunction not to spread disorder on earth after reformation.

Relating the prayer of the Holy Prophetsaw ‘ O Allah I seek Your refuge from being unfair to anyone and from anyone being unfair to me’ Huzuraba said if we analysed ourselves mindful of this, then as well as being devoted worshippers we would also extend love and affection around us.

Reading extensively from the noble writings of the Promised Messiahas on how to establish high standards of righteousness Huzuraba concluded on prayer that may we be enabled to reach these standards and be enabled to take his mission forward, being the recipient of his prayers with every step we take.